Beautiful landscapes and uncrowded beaches - this is what we usually expect from summer travels, and we go south out of habit.
What if you change course and go to the very west of Russia? The Baltic Sea coast is an ideal place for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle and are looking for peace. Cozy resort towns, ancient architecture, national parks and wide snow-white beaches - the Kaliningrad region has everything for a relaxing cultural holiday and active educational tourism. As for the prices for vacations, it will cost you several times cheaper in the Baltic than in other famous sea resorts.

The most popular cities are Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk. Tourists are attracted not only by the old German architecture and the healing Baltic air, but also by the numerous cultural events that take place here all year round.

The old coastal town of Rauschen became extremely popular at the beginning of the last century, when a new branch of the railway connected it with Königsberg. Hundreds of burghers came here every summer to improve their health and make new acquaintances. Modern Svetlogorsk is the largest Russian resort on the Baltic Sea. The Yantar-Hall Variety Theater hosts world-class concerts, and since 2015, the legendary music festival "Voting KiViN".

For centuries, people have come here to restore their health and peace of mind. Formerly Krantz, today Zelenogradsk is a popular resort, where dozens of ailments can be cured with local healing mud. It is worth coming here for lovers of spa treatments and those who are looking for privacy. Kilometers of wild sandy beaches will delight even the most discerning travelers, and the flat terrain makes Zelenogradsk an ideal place for families with small children and older people.

In order for a long-awaited trip to the Baltic Sea to meet expectations, take care of your accommodation in advance. The Apriori Hotel will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an old Baltic resort. Built in the historical part of Zelenogradsk, not far from the main attractions, the hotel is famous for its hospitality, comfortable atmosphere and magnificent sea views.